Cambridge website hosting

Relationship breakdown with your website developer? Fed up with outages or poor performance? Website hacked or data lost? Looking to reduce your website hosting overheads? Or maybe just time for a change or consolidation.

We’re a dedicated team with a wealth of experience looking after our clients websites. We’re different because we don’t own our own hardware or infrastructure, instead work with most of the industries leading providers which enables us to provide the most suitable hosting environment for your website now and in the future.

Call Cambridge (01223) 570292 to discuss your web hosting requirements.

PHP website hosting

Specialist hosting for any PHP content management system or service including WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Concrete5, Joomla and Magento.

PHP website hosting

ASP website hosting

Specialist hosting for any ASP.NET application or content management system including SharePoint, Kentico, DNN, Umbraco and Sageframe.

drupal-hosting-cambridgeDrupal website hosting

It wasn’t love at first sight with Drupal, we were thrown in at the deep-end in 2011, being asked to take over the hosting of a compromised corporate website, which involved working closely with the developers to repair and implement greater levels of security.

We have since became much more familiar with the intricacies of the Drupal platform and hosting requirements thereof, particularly important as Drupal is the preferred CMS of Cambridge University.

Cambridge WordPress hostingWordPress website hosting

We begun hosting our first WordPress blog in July 2009 and today host over 160 WordPress sites of all different shapes and sizes including some large-scale corporate sites, ecommerce shops, brochures sites for SME’s, personal and business blogs and all sorts of personal sites for consultants, freelancers and hobbyists.

WordPress is the worlds most popular content management system and likeĀ  most successful platforms and software products is ocassionaly vulnerable to hacks and attacks. We don’t hide from this, facing it straight on by implementing robust security measures, being obsessive about updates, monitoring carefully and delivering a reliable backup service we know we can trust when the shit does hit the fan.

Hosting environments

We utilise all of the different hosting environments and make sure that the right platform is used in every instance. If a shared hosting environment will result in poor performance, we’ll happily test it first so that you can decide for yourself. Likewise if a cloud or dedicated environment is overkill for your needs we’ll explore and discuss the alternatives.

Cambridge website backup

Website monitoring & backup

Our biggest motivation for closely monitoring our clients websites and services is that it’s particularly embarrassing disturbing if a client needs to notify their host about problems, we’re much more proactive than that.

Likewise we know it’s our responsibility to restore a website in the event of a problem, so we use the best cloud based backup solutions to ensure websites and services are safely backed-up (to a remote location) every single day. We actively encourage our clients to allow us to demonstrate the restoration process for their own peace of mind and reassurance, not that we like showing off, much!

Cambridge website seamless migrations

Seamless website migrations

We’re proud to be able to offer a completely seamless website migration service (at least in most cases as it’s sometimes out of our control or impractical due to time and/or cost constraints).

Not all clients require such a careful seamless migration process, however all clients are promised that the move to the new website hosting environment is completed without data loss, down time or disruption.

Features & specifications

Most of our clients are happy with a reliable cost effective hosting platform, others require sophisticated features which we’re happy to supply and manage including load balanced solutions, SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and scalable burst rates. Increasingly common also is the need to have the Apache module OAuth installed for social media integration, ability to use .HTAccess and Google’s Pagespeed modules for improved performance, all of which we can install quickly…


Always high on our agenda is security, especially with some of the open source content management systems which are well known to be the targets of threats. Our belt and braces approach offers best practice security and peace of mind.

Updates and maintenance

We’re able and happy to provide updates and maintenance to your websites and are often asked to help optimise website code to achieve improved performance.

Control & responsibility

We’ll take on as much or as little as your require. In some instances we’ll help move a website to a new host and maybe help overcome some problems, in others we assume total control and responsibility including managing domain name registrations and renewals, DNS management, email account setup, website maintenance and much more.

Website design

We don’t do website design but know a man that can, more specifically we’re happy to recommend several local agencies and freelance developers at a range of different price points to meet any budget and expert in all manner of different CMS platforms and technologies.

We love the environment!

Our commitment to operating in an environmentally friendly manner means we often cycle to meetings, recycle all of our paper, don’t print unnecessarily and openly encourage others to do what they can to help.

ECO website hosting

We also provide hosting from one of the most energy efficient data centers in Europe (located in Yorkshire!), boasting that 100% of their energy is supplied via renewable sources including solar, wind, tidal and landfill gas emissions.