Cambridge email hosting

Frustrated with an unreliable email service? Mailbox full or can’t handle large file sizes? Not sure how to archive your emails? Unable to send or receive email from your mobile or tablet device? Devices not synchronising? Or need more features to make life easier?

With a huge amount of experience managing email platforms on behalf of large and small clients, we’ve seen it all before and are very familiar with the types of problems that businesses live with day to day; and look forward to helping you overcome them!

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Cambridge hosted exchange email

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

Benefit from the many rich features of Microsoft Exchange server without the high costs and management headaches with a fully hosted and managed email solution.

With its high security, large mailboxes and great reliability, the hosted Exchange email solution can now be enjoyed by businesses and organisations of all sizes, and not just those able and willing to host their own server in-house.

If you need to share contact lists, use mailing groups and distribution lists, collaborate, share calendars and task lists,  then a hosted Microsoft Exchange email solution is the best product on the market today.

Cambridge email exchange server

POP and IMAP email services

Understanding how we have become heavily dependent upon email is what motivates us to provide a reliable and feature rich POP and IMAP email services for individuals, freelancers, charities and SME’s. We still find that so many people suffer with regular outages, to us it’s just not acceptable today.

It’s not too much to ask is it, an email service which just works, and in the event of a glitch, the peace of mind and trust that your provider possess the expertise and skills to fix it quickly, and be honest about it afterwards!

We’re happy to provide references so that you can speak to a number of our longstanding clients to find out how reliable our email services are.

Authenticated SMTP service

We still find businesses who are unable to send emails from their laptops and mobile devices when they’re on the road, which we find unacceptable in today’s technological world.

An authenticated SMTP service makes it possible to send email from your regular email accounts from anywhere, and therefore not reliant on your home or office internet connection. Email on the move really can be enjoyed by everyone.

Cambridge website backup

Email backup and archives

We can utilise a number of different systems to manage email backup for any number of mailboxes from 1 to thousands.

Many types of business are required by law to keep email archives going back 5 or more years, which can often cause a major strain on existing email infrastructure. After we have identified how often access to your archive is required, we can recommend a suitable solution which provides the necessary ease of access.

Cambridge website seamless migrations

Seamless email migrations

We understand the importance of service continuity and that moving your email services to a new provider can be a daunting task, however we are able to manage the move on your behalf in a completely seamless manner instead of having to accept the standard 24-48 hour service disruption.

We are happy to talk you through the process so that¬† your IT team can complete the migration themselves if you would prefer…